Driver Training

Theres a solid chance that you spent a portion of every week day on a school bus were you were a child. School buses are truly an icon of the American suburbs. They are absolutely essential to our education system. Without these buses and the dedicated drivers behind the wheels, everyday hundreds of children would struggle getting to school.

What does it take to become a School Bus Driver?

School Bus drivers must obtain a Class A or B CDL with Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsement. If you don’t have any of those endorsements, we provide all training here at Red Star followed by a 3rd party driving tester.

The 3rd party testing typically includes a driving skills test and a written test. We spend plenty of time on the driving course and going over the pre and post trip inspections to give you the practice you need to pass the test with flying colors. We also teach you the tricks for acing the written portion of the exam.

We hold our drivers to a higher standard than other school bus companies and districts. Our drivers must be trained to handle any situation due to the variety of our trips.