About Us

Red Star Transportation was founded in 2011 by Jody Riley and has been providing quality transportation services in Utah ever since. The Red Star team has over 31 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, including transportation management services and vehicle safety policies and procedures. We’re committed to providing transportation management services and comprehensive transportation in a safe, reliable and professional manner, while providing innovative solutions for our customers’ needs.


Jody Abonnanzieri RedstarJody Riley, President

Ms. Riley has a vision of the growth and potential that the charter industry offers. She was COO of a thriving transportation company for eight years and has 20 years of experience in management. Jody founded Red Star Transportation in 2011 with a single division, five school buses and one contract to provide route transportation for a charter school in the Sandy area. The Red Star team has over 31 years of combined experience. Skills, foundation and business innovation are some of the many traits that the Red Star team offers